If the shield loses on Sunday..

If the shield loses on Sunday, I believe I will be done with watching wrestling (atleast for a while) I can’t take anymore loss in the WWE seriously..A few years ago when HBK retired I was about done with wrestling, Now Punk is gone and all I have is the shield so if they lose I can’t promise I will still be a wwe fan

Where on his Instagram did Norm Sousa confirm that he and Renee have split? I just looked over it, and no, he hasn't said anything. Yeah, all the pics of Renee are gone, but that doesn't necessarily confirm anything. Other than that the guy is probably tired of the questions and their private photos being leaked everywhere as proof that they're still together.

He took it down as far as I know but awhile back someone had commented on one of his photos after he already removed the ones of Renee and asked if they were still together and he said no  but he deleted his response I’m not sure why (thats what I’ve heard atleast dunno if it’s true just saying more than one person said they saw it so idk)

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For Better Or Worse (Dean Ambrose Story) Chapter 2 Is up now

My New Dean Ambrose Story Check It Out!


Total Divas Recrap: The Gif Verison

Trin & Ari’s Parts: That was more scripted than what I see everytime I watch WWE

Nats Parts:

They could do so much more with her than what they actually do..and how come they neglected to show the Hart family when Nat was in Canada but showed TJ’s Mom & Sister? They make me feel  like I am watching an old couple..it’s over done and boring already and we’re what four episodes in?

Nikki & Bri’s Parts:

Are they really STILL part of the show? Seriously..They are so self absorbed Idk how much more I can take thank you DVR for the fast forward button!

The Newbires:

Wait..they were on tonight? So much drama around the Bellas, Trin and Ari you could not tell..

When I saw Roman Reigns “Joe” make his debut in this episode:

When Jon Was hardly involved tonight and didn’t even get a line: 

I can’t even really say much more on this episode in a nutshell it sucked..

Happy Birthday To My Babes

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Creating A WWE Posers Page..

So hit up my ask box with accounts of WWE superstars or divas you see out there and I’ll look into them and let you know if they are real..I will not post any accounts unless I know for sure it’s a fake

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The Saga Of The Poser Girl Continues *sigh*

So the usos “Sister” is apparently the girl in this photo..NOT..but according to her brother Josh’s “Fiance” and WWE diva “Aksana” the girl in the photo was apparently the usos sister when she was “younger”..really? Really? REALLY!? Okay not to sound totally like the Miz but this chick needs some lessons in posing cause she fails so bad..Here is the pic that was posted on FB..

and this is the same pic on google..hmm you can find it by googling beach flower girl..

I can’t even..this deserve the awkward feeling Jon face..

Would the usos sister/roman reigns cousin do so much bragging? Some How I don’t think so..

These are screen shots I saved from this girl claiming to be the usos sister on fb and how she constantly brags about her family which I really don’t believe the usos real sister would do

I have created a monster..LOL

So last night the Uso’s came on after I had to put my four year old son Christopher to sleep so he was watching what he missed on Raw last night this morning and The Usos came on and when they started winning the match this happened..

Christopher - “Oh yea thats my boys!”

Christopher - “Mommy..? Why they aren’t wearing Yellow?”

Me -  “They have different colored trunks”

Christopher - *Confused* “Mommy but they aren’t swimming!”