My Ovaries After Tonights Raw And Having To See The Shield So Much..

Silly Little Poser Girl..

This chick thinks she is the “sister” of the usos and “cousin” of Roman Reigns it only bugs me so cause girl goes around on fb posting false ass facts about them talking about Josh (Jey Uso) Being Engaged to wwe diva Aksana, Talking about Roman Reigns just getting engaged even tho he’s been engaged for the longest time, how she’s backstage with the usos or on the phone with them really? Would their sister really do all that? First of all as far as Roman and Jey go who said she could go gabbing to the world about who they are engaged to and stuff when they ain’t even said it themselves? Tsk Tsk Tsk..This was on her fb saturday

LOL..Wait her whole family had a reunion just to watch Roman Reigns walk down a set of stairs? Damn..I watched Summer Slam last night and if we are talking about the same event pretty sure Roman only showed his face in the kick off when he and Seth caused Dean to get DQed and the usos did not have a Please if your going to pose try to do a better job just saying..

For the record..Even GISMO is not impressed!

The usos do have a sister she older. Her name is monalisa

I know this, Thank you for letting me tho. I wasn’t saying they don’t have a sister I was just saying some girl on fb is posing as their sister thats all and she’s stating false info about them.

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Me While Watching Total Divas..

When Watching Trin & Jons Parts:

When Watching The Bellas:

When Watching The Newbies (Eva and Jojo):

When Watching TJ & Nat:

What I see When watching a divas match..

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Christian Lost!?

I’m going to be famous by the end of the night ;)

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thanks so much for the stream link. god bless your soul.

Lol you are welcome, I do what I can ;)

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Dear The “Sister” Of The Usos And “Cousin” Of Roman Reigns:

Dear The “Sister” Of The Usos And “Cousin” Of Roman Reigns.. Guuuuuuuuuuurl you said you were having a family reunion at summer slam tonight..You were going to see your brothers wrestle and your cousin Roman Reigns wrestle..Hmm? Last time I checked neither of them have a match on Summer Slam tonight..which Summer Slam you at? (If your going to lie and pose..atleast do a good job at it I mean damn..)

I am talking about some chick on fb going around claiming she is the usos sister and romans cousin..LOL and she makes it too obvious she’s a fake smdh

Stream To Summer Slam

In the words of Damien Sandow..You’re Welcome

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